Find and hire the best talent quickly using Quicker Hire's interview platform. Use our built-in Knowledge Base in:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science
  • DevOps
  • Full Stack
  • Software QA/Automation

The New Way to Hire

With Quicker Hire customers can forget the old way of manual hiring and utilize a new automated way of hiring to find the best talent available for any job. Quicker Hire enables customers to quickly short-list and select candidates based on actual skills demonstrated rather than the impression they make with their resume. Just define the skills you need for a job and sit back to see the results of the automated interview assessment for every candidate. You can verify the authenticity of the candidate with an integrated video call and view the candidate’s screen during the interview test.

Traditional Hiring

The New Way to Hire

Manual and time-consuming process Automated process
Overhead costs due to repetition of steps for every candidate One-time effort to define the skills
Matching job skills with resumes is challenging Hiring is focused on actual skills demonstrated
Misleading and exaggerated resumes waste your company’s valuable time Quickly eliminate candidates exaggerating their skills on resume
Coordination challenges between interviewer and candidate Push button scheduling of interview tests
Quality of interview not predictable - interviewer can come unprepared, thereby affecting candidate’s perception of company High quality questions and reference answers from up-to-date Knowledge Base
Interview assessment is subjective and not measurable Automated and consistent interview assessment
Interview assessment details are not accurately shared Easy recording and sharing of interview results
Resume-to-Offer process takes a long time Resume-to-Offer process accelerated!

How it Works

Create Interview

Employer defines the skills required for a job and lets the system create an interview test. The Employer can also choose/create interview questions.

Interview Test Taking

Candidates take the test in a supervised online environment in the specified time-frame.

Get Results

Employer gets a detailed report of evaluated results per candidate.


Yup. That's all. Shortlist the candidates and select!


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  • 10 Interviews
  • 2 Members
  • 10 Candidates
$29.99/ 1 Month.
  • 25 Interviews
  • 5 Members
  • 25 Candidates
$49.99/ 1 Month.
  • 50 Interviews
  • 10 Members
  • 50 Candidates

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